What is hug bike?

This project, created by Opera della Marca srl is promoted and supported by the fundation Oltre il Labirinto Onlus, which is one of the world leading no profit organizations in the autism field, this bike represents an important project in the social inclusion of disabled people, helping them to become active part of a working environment. Autistic youngsters and grown ups are today assembling personally this wonderful bicycle and soon even other kind of disadvantaged subjects will take part to the project. Our partners also include Banca della Marca, cooperative il Girasole and other important players in the territory.

Why Hugbike?

The use of Hugbike is recommended to families who want to ride with their little ones in complete safety. It is also studied for all the other families who otherwise would miss the chance to enjoy a comfortable bike experience.
Hugbike offers you the safety of riding with your kid/ passenger in front, encouraging his self esteem and controlling abilities.

Are there any limitations in using Hugbike?

There are no particular limitations. The bike is easy to use and it’s weight doesn’t exceed 177 kilos.
Hugbike is perfect for both little passengers and adults. There are no height limit restrictions but it is necessary that the rear passenger has a good visual of what is in front of him in order to drive safely.

Is Hugbike suitable for subjects with particular syndromes?

Yes, Hugbike is perfect for subjects with Autism, Down Syndrome, Asperger, Fragile X Syndrome, visually impaired or deaf subjects and kids with cognitive disabilities. Also it has been demonstrated that Hugbike might ease tremors of people with Parkinson’s desease.

Who actually pedals with Hugbike?

Both rear and front passenger pedal, in fact they are both connected to the same transmission chain.

Can Hugbike be customized?

Of course, it is possible to install special seats or smaller pedals. Other custom options can be considered by our technical support.

Where can I buy Hugbike?

You can call our call center at the numbers Tel.: +39-339-2245952

Is it possible to try Hugbike?

Yes, some of our bikes are at disposition in some sales points and may be tested after booking.

Is it possible to transport Hugbike in a car?

Yes, by removing the front wheel Hugbike may be carried in cars like SUVs, station wagons, vans and pick ups.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, as the current regulation provides.

Is there any refund policy?

If cancelled before shipping the order will be 100 per cent refunded. If the bike has already been shipped it cannot be refunded.

Can Hugbike be delivered in the whole territory?

Yes, hugbike can be delivered through the whole national territory, packed.

Can Hugbike be considered a technical aid support?

Hugbike is a Tandem bicycle and for this reason it is included in the transport category . It is not a bike especially made for the disabled but can, as other goods, be used by disabled people.

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