[Radio interview June, 11st 2013 to Mario Paganessi, CEO – Opera della Marca srl  – Radio Stereo5]


“We’re assisting at some real change in the social behaviour environment, obsolete mindsets are nowadays replaced with new ways of thinking and with the creation of new social and economical values. Partners in this new cooperative represent a new network of projects that gives us hopes and positive feelings for the future. A future in which disabled people can live their lives with the dignity they deserve”

Mario Paganessi, CEO – Opera della Marca srl


HUGBIKE® project has been developed by Opera della Marca srl in cooperation with Fondazione Oltre il Labirinto onlus and involves people with autism who, thanks to the support of a specialized team of operators, are assisted during the whole bike assembling process, giving them the chance to be integrated in a professional working environment.

This project was born from the collaboration with Banca della Marca and cooperative Il Girasole.

A group of youngsters with autism assisted by the Foundation, contributed to the realization of the first prototypes of HUGBIKE. In fact the name HUGBIKE also relates to the ethical side of the project.

Thanks to the support of a specialized team, in this project ASD subjects can find their way towards social inclusion, especially in a working environment.

HUGBIKE was born from the collaboration of disabled subjects, voluntaries and a professional team. This is a beautiful example of a “social hug” .


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